Machinery Rings play a pivotal role in Scottish Agriculture and Rural Business, optimising efficiency and generating economic activity.

With input costs dictating the profitability of all farms, Machinery Rings can deliver substantial savings on Machinery, Labour and Commodities as well as offering access to Training and Skills Development.

Many thousands of Agri-Businesses have improved their business viability from membership of a Ring, through better utilisation of their own resources or through access to a pool of machinery and labour.

The concept is simple. A Machinery Ring matches a shortage of machinery and labour capacity on one farm with a surplus on another. All Agri-Businesses are eligible to join and each pays an annual subscription in order to access the services.

Scotland’s first Machinery Ring was established in 1987. Now the Scottish Machinery Ring Association has member Rings throughout Scotland, serving more than 7000 farmers and other rural businesses.

Machinery Ring Offices

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Ring Office Map Tayforth Contact Details Lothian Machinery Ring Contact Details South West Machinery Ring Contact Details Border Machinery Ring Caithness Machinery Ring Orkney Business Ring Highland Business Services Ringlink Elgin Ringlink Oldmeldrum Ringlink  Coupar Angus Ringlink  Laurencekirk Rural Services Scotland