Scotland’s Machinery rings are one of the success stories of Scottish agriculture and rural business. Optimising efficiency. Generating income.

There’s an opportunity for all farmers to access the benefits of membership. And that includes you!!


Machinery Contract Service

With the high costs associated with ownership and operation of modern farm machinery, it makes sense to optimise its use. By matching spare capacity with shortfalls, the Ring improves the utilisation of machinery registered by its members. There are clear benefits:


Labour is the key element of any rural business. Nationally, the farm labour pool is shrinking and more and more farms are becoming farmer-operated. There is a need for labour requirement either regularly throughout the year or at peak times. Machinery Rings offer a solution and many have extended their labour services into other industries.


A comprehensive range of commodities can be purchased through Machinery Rings – fuel, fertiliser, feed, hay, straw, seeds, agro-chemicals, animal health products, even building supplies. Discounts can be negotiated through group purchasing, offering savings to individual members.


Training is now a key issue for all businesses. Most Machinery Rings or their subsidiary service companies are registered training providers with expertise in rural training. They deliver a diverse range of courses for Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Management and Administration.