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April 2014



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The water is subsiding, time to get back to business. Want to make the most of your tractor's performance potential? We've put together a few tips for you. 


To get the best from your tractor you have to optimise its performance and to do that you have to ensure that it transmits its power to the ground in the most efficient, effective way.

That means fitting the correct tyres, operating them at the manufacturer’s recommended pressures for the load involved, making sure that the tractor is ballasted correctly and achieving the right distribution of weight between the front and rear axles.
At the start of 2014 Profi Magazine conducted a test to investigate and evaluate the impact of all these factors. It compared the performance of a Case IH Puma 160 CVX operating on both standard-profile 85 Series tyres (16.9 R28 front, 20.8 R38 rear) and low-profile 65 Series tyres (540/65 R28 (f) and 650/65 R38 (r). Both tyre sets were operated in three configurations: under-ballasted with tyre pressures high, under-ballasted with tyre pressures correct, and with tyre pressures and tractor ballast both correct.
The objective was to determine, firstly, whether with today’s high-tech tyres you still need to take care over inflation pressures and tractor ballast and, secondly, whether more traditional, cheaper rubber can be made to perform as well as expensive tyres which are not given the same attention to detail.
The short of it is that taking care still pays off. No matter which tyre technology you favour, investing time in ‘optimising’ the tractor - getting tyre pressures, ballast and weight distribution right - will save money and increase performance. But whilst attention to detail can maximise the performance of cheaper tyres they will never be able to deliver the overall results provided by top-specification rubber.
Optimising tyre pressures and ballasting reduced wheel slip by 6%-7% for both tyre types. The tests also demonstrated that an optimised 85-series tyre can out-perform non-optimised 65-series rubber.
Full optimisation boosts drawbar power by 7%. 65-series tyres consistently produce more grip and only when not operated at the correct pressure and ballast are they outperformed by optimised 85-series tyres.
Full optimisation increases work rate by 4%-7%, with 65-series tyres delivering the best performance.
Optimising tyre pressures saves fuel. Optimised 85-series tyres are slightly more fuel-efficient than non-optimised 65-series. But to get the power down to the land, optimised 65-series tyres are definitely the way to go.
The Profi tests showed that optimising tractor ballast and weight distribution to achieve a 40% front axle, 60% rear axle loading on the tractor reduced wheel slip by around 4%, increased drawbar power by around 7.5% and boosted work rates by some 7.5%.
However, you need to be careful not to over-ballast. Case IH Product Specialist Edward Watson says that every tonne of extra weight that you carry around on a tractor will increase derv consumption by one litre per hour, so excess ballast should be removed. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a front-linkage will carry the weight further forward, increasing leverage and reducing the amount of ballast that is required, as well as making it easier to add or remove weights.


Michelin Agriculture tyre pressure calculator is an intuitive way to determine the right tyre pressure for your farm tyre applications and is really simple to use.  The calculator includes recommendations for all key equipment including tractors, sprayers, combines and trailers. Why not give it a go here?


Last month we asked you to send your photos and stories from this winter's bad weather and flooding for a chance to win a set of Draper Expert spanners. It seems that Robert Dyball hasn't had much luck in the bad weather - he's sent us an unusual photo that he took on his farm in Elmswell, Suffolk . "We had a gale a few months ago which blew the cable off the and set fire to the post" says Robert. Well luckily it didn't set fire to anything else and by the looks of the second photo he sent he sent us, it seems that every cloud has a silver lining! Congratulations Robert, you are now the owner of a brand new set of Draper Expert spanners.

For more Draper products and information please visit your local Case IH dealer.


Take a look at this video we found of these powerful machines taking part in a tractor pulling competition in Decatur, Alabama. They certainly are Super Stock!


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